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Singapore Channels


1. The United Kingdom Singapore Student Council (UKSSC)


The UKSSC aims to create a bona fide Singapore student community in the UK, and will continue to bring meaningful opportunities for our partners and affiliates whether it be in terms of social bonding or professional development, in a prudent and Covid-safe manner.


Our commitment to the safety and the enrichment of our Singaporean/PR community comes in many forms, including:

  • The timely dissemination of official information from the High Commission and MFA

  • A personalised line of communication between the UKSSC Committee and various Singapore Societies for timely updates of the situation on the ground

  • Maintaining key annual events, (1) Regional Leaders Meeting, as well as (2) Singaporeans in Conversation


To stay connected with us, kindly visit:

2. Singapore High Commission (SHC) & Singapore Global Network (SGN)


  • SHC will continue to provide consular assistance (e.g. passport services, emergency travel documents) to Singaporeans/PRs in the UK. 

  • SHC will point students in the right direction for support, and Link(s) them up with relevant support channels, where possible 

  • SHC and SGN are closely monitoring the situation, and keeps in touch with the Singaporean community by regularly sharing relevant information and updates via email and/or its social media channels

  • Students can stay updated through the SHC’s social media and by registering with MFA, on top of following updates from your respective Singsocs and the UK authorities 

  • For general enquiries, students can write to or call the SHC hotline during office hours +44 (0)207 235 8315 

  • For emergencies (e.g. natural disasters, repatriation, severe illness, accidents) please call the Duty Officer via +44 (0)7710 348 335


UK Channels

3. National Health Service (NHS)


  • Call 999 for medical emergencies and 111 for medical non-emergencies.

  • Getting support from a mental health charity: 


  • In terms of self-isolation, the NHS Volunteer Responders can help with 

    • Collecting shopping

    • Collecting medicine and prescriptions

    • Phone calls if you want to chat with someone 

    • Call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm, everyday) to arrange help from a volunteer





4. If UK universities close/borders close, will there be any assistance or support for those who wish to return/stranded in terms of transport & shn/monetary assistance?


  • Yes, there are various channels for support and assistance in Singapore and via the Singapore High Commission. While we do not provide monetary assistance, we can provide consular assistance and advice for students who wish to return to Singapore.

5. Is there any financial support for needy students to apply for regarding rental payments/needs during covid?


  • Usually the respective Universities and schools have financial assistance schemes which can assist with such matters. You can obtain more information from UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) via 

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