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The United Kingdom-Singapore Students' Council (UKSSC) was established in 1998 to represent the interests of Singaporean students in universities within the United Kingdom. It continually strives to connect Singaporean students studying in the UK (The South, Greater London, Midlands, the North and Scotland) through promoting participation in events across institutions, alumni groups and other affiliated organisations, serving as a resource or support for Singaporean students in universities which may not have an established Singapore Society, as well as initiating platforms for networking so as to contribute to a more vibrant scene amongst the Singaporean student community in the United Kingdom.

President's Message

Dear fellow Singaporeans, Esteemed Strategic Partners and Partner Societies,

Welcome to the official United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC) website! 


The UKSSC is a non-profit student-led organisation that aims to provide Singaporeans a student community during their time in university in the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland, as well as an alumni network after graduation.


Where UKSSC stands today is a testament of the perseverance and unwavering commitment of those who came before us. UKSSC previously faced challenging times from weakened ties and lost knowledge, but it is thanks to the 25th Executive Committee that UKSSC is back stronger. I would like to express my thanks to the 25th Executive Committee for their tremendous efforts, our Strategic Partners and Leaders of our Partner Societies for their continuous support to the UKSSC and its mission.

It is my hope that the 26th Executive Committee will add to the legacy of those who came before us and given so much to enable Singaporeans to find a home away from home and sustain the Singaporean identity here in the UK. I hope our flagship and regional events in both Singapore (during summer break) and the UK (during the academic year) continue to bless and add value to the current Singaporean Student Community in the UK as well as prospective students. 


We look forward to seeing you at our 2024 events, and do reach out if you would like to collaborate with us or help out :)



Yours sincerely, 


Clarisse Lim


26th Executive Committee 

United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC)

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