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1. Is my visa affected by COVID-19? Do I still have to maintain a certain number of physical contact hours?


  • The UK Home Office is not expecting UK universities to report international student absences (not in the UK) during Covid-19

  • UK universities will contact the UK Home Office if international students (1) withdraw from their studies, or (2) defer their studies

  • Universities should use online contact points (e.g. virtual lectures, submission of coursework) to monitor engagement, but lack of engagement due to reasons that are relevant to Covid-19 should not be reported

  • Failure to attend online lectures or engage in coursework may result in students being contacted by their universities

  • These visa concessions are expected to change for the coming 2021-2022 academic year



2. Is the UK’s Graduate Immigration Route affected by Covid-19? Do male students with NS liabilities need to apply through the NS portal as per SOP?


  • Applications for the Graduate Immigration Route is scheduled to open in summer 2021

  • To be eligible for the Graduate Immigration Route, you must:

    • Have completed your undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK

    • Hold a valid Student or Tier 4 visa at the point of application

    • Graduate in the summer of 2021 or after

    • Have no criminal record during your studies in the UK

  • For students graduating in summer 2021 and are currently not in the UK, you have to re-enter the UK on or before 6 April 2021 to be eligible to apply for the Graduate Immigration Route

    • For one-year postgraduate students who started their course in September 2020, the 6 April 2021 requirement remains

    • For one-year postgraduate students who started their course in January 2021, they must re-enter the UK by 27 September 2021

  • Application processes and relevant fees (e.g. visa, health insurance) have not been announced yet

  • Yes, male students still need to ensure they have a valid exit permit to cover the entire duration of their overseas studies or training

  • More details will be released in Summer 2021


Autonomous University Applications

3. Can I transfer to a Singaporean University because of Covid-19, even though some Autonomous Universities (AUs) have closed applications?


  • The Autonomous Universities (AUs) are aware that there may be students who are midway through their studies at overseas universities and are unable to continue with their studies abroad. While the AUs had extended their application deadlines earlier this year to help students whose overseas studies may have been disrupted by the pandemic, the application windows for this year’s intake have now closed as classes are commencing or have commenced for the new Academic Year. 

  • Students interested in transferring to the AUs from overseas universities may wish to consider applying for the Academic Year 2021 (AY2021) intake. Applications for the AY2021 intake will open early next year in 2021 and interested applicants may refer to the AUs’ websites for more information.


4. As a student studying in the UK, how will my application to a Singapore Autonomous University be considered?


  • Admissions to the AUs are based on open competition amongst all eligible candidates, and the universities will assess the merit of each applicant. When considering transfer applications, the AUs will also take into account applicants’ performance and other achievements in their current university.

  • For more detailed information, kindly contact the respective university admission offices. 


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