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The Roads Less Travelled

UKSSC Through the Generations 2021: Embracing Uncertainty

About the Panel

Regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, these alumni seek to inspire students to take courage as they walk their respective career paths, especially by sharing practical tips on how to overcome stereotypes and stigmas. In order to challenge the notion that there is a 'single' road to professional success, panelists will draw from their career experiences to share insights on how we can stay true to our own unique paths and meanings, as well as package our experiences and skillsets into valuable assets for various companies and wider society.

Download the event programme here.

About the Panelists

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Corinna Lim

Executive Director, Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

Ms Lim joined AWARE as a member and volunteer in 1992 and has been a women’s rights activist for close to 30 years. Since becoming Executive Director in 2010, Ms Lim has been responsible for a range of initiatives including the setting up of the Sexual Assault Care Centre, the only specialised service in Singapore that provides support to sexual assault victims. She also led teams at AWARE to successfully advocate for the enactment of the Protection from Harassment Act, the repeal of marital rape immunity, better access to housing for single parents, gender equal workplaces and greater support for low income families and caregivers of the elderly.

Leighton Ernsberger

Director of Education and English, British Council East Asia

I started with the British Council back in 2013, initially in India and for the past two years in Singapore. Up to that point I would say that I have taken the road less travelled. Following my undergraduate degree at Cardiff, I worked in the US at Harvard University for a year before doing my first MA at Warwick in the UK. Then there was a 10-year period when I worked for the UK government, before I did my second MA with the UCL Institute of Education. That is what allowed me to take the biggest chance of my life and move to India in 2012 - without a job and with only my wife’s family to support! Ultimately, it all worked out and I now find myself doing my dream job in Singapore.

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Patrick Piay

Assistant Director & NAC Postgraduate Scholar, National Arts Council

Patrick Piay is an Assistant Director with the National Arts Council and NAC Scholar (In-service staff) completing his postgraduate studies at the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, University of Warwick . He is passionate about the arts, and has a decade’s experience working in Singapore’s culture sector. At the NAC, Patrick has contributed towards formulating strategic roadmaps, developed new policy initiatives and established local and international partnerships for Singapore’s visual arts.

Moderator: Joshua Ee

Vice President (South and Greater London), United Kingdom Singapore Students' Council

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