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President's Message

To my fellow Singaporeans, Partners, and Esteemed Stakeholders, 


 Welcome to the official United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC) website! 


 The UKSSC is a non-profit student-led organisation that aims to create a bona fide Singaporean Student Community across the UK (United Kingdom). Every year, we organise our flagship and regional events for Singaporean students studying in the UK. 


 I would like to express my thanks to all our partners for your continued support to the UKSSC. We greatly appreciate your constant feedback and support, and our committee will continue looking for opportunities to add value to the Singaporean Community in the UK. In particular, I would like to thank the Leaders of our Partner Societies who have continued to support the UKSSC Mission even when it requires great personal sacrifice. 


 We face challenging times due to weakened ties and lost knowledge over the past few years. Our UKSSC will thus re-double our efforts to reach out to as many stakeholders and serve the community of Singaporean Students as best as possible. In doing so, I hope we can create a Singaporean Community that is cohesive, bonded, and that positively impacts wider society. 


Do look out for any of our exciting opportunities and feel free to reach out to any one of us if you would like to help out!   


Yours sincerely, 


Ryan Lee 


25th Executive Committee 

United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC)

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