President's Message

Dear Friends and Esteemed Stakeholders,

Welcome to the official United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC) website!

The UKSSC is a non-profit student-led organisation that aims to create a bona fide Singaporean Student Community across the UK (United Kingdom). Every year, we organise our flagship and regional events for Singapore students studying in the UK.

This year, navigating our members and students safely through the Covid-19 pandemic is imperative for the UKSSC's core agenda. By acting as an interlocutor between Singapore students studying in the UK and primary info sources such as the Singapore High Commission (SHC) in London and the Singapore Global Network (SGN) - the UKSSC aims to work with Singapore Societies and Affiliate leaders to assist our Singaporean students in need of crucial support or information during these dynamic times. We have also created a Covid-19 FAQ page on this website to be a reliable source of aid for all Singapore students, which we will continue to update regularly to remain factually acccurate.​

Despite the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, the UKSSC will continue to adapt, bringing our students closer together (not physically, for now!) by innovating new ways to bond across the different universities. Our flagship events such as the ASEAN Leaders' Conference and Regional Dinner events will continue to be assessed for their feasibility over time. We will also ceaselessly work with our key and potential sponsors and partners to match meaningful careers to our students with their continued support and patronage. This year, we are honoured to work closely with our key sponsors: Shopee and L'Oreal, to bring exciting new opportunities for the Singaporean student body.

If you would like to keep yourself updated with our upcoming events and news, you can find us on our Facebook and Instagram Pages (@TheUKSSC). You can also choose to subscribe to ‘My Kopi-O’, our monthly newsletter that brings you the latest news and updates to stay in touch with what is happening back home and in the UK, and highlights of fresh opportunities from our core sponsors and partners.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our sponsors, partner student societies and affiliated student organisations for their continuous support over the past two decades and the many years to come. Stay safe and take care!


Yours sincerely,

Darren Seow Guo Jin


23rd Executive Committee

United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC)