SG News: Summary of PM Lee's 31st May Address

Summary of PM Lee's address

1. Regular routine testing would be implemented. DIY testing kits can also be obtained for Singaporeans to have a peace of mind and for frontliners, teachers, fitness trainers etc and will soon be available at pharmacies. Testing will also be done before on-site events

2. Contact tracing will be conducted more widely by insolating not only the first degree contact, but also household members without waiting to see if the first degree contact tests positive

3. Vaccination had started since December. Vaccinations for those below 44 is under way. 1st dose vaccinations are prioritised. We will have faster vaccine supply deliveries in the next 2 months. The next group to be vaccinated are students and bookings will be open tomorrow. Priority will be given to graduating earlier and those with special needs. After that, the final group of young adults, 39 and under to be vaccinated. Every resident should be able to get at least 1 jab by national day.

Other pointers

- The elderly can now go to vaccination centres for vaccinations without booking for an appointment


In other news, MOH will be accepting appeals at this point in time for dates of intended travel up to 15 August 2021 (inclusive). Find out more here:

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