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2021 UKSSC/SingSoc Student Insiders' Session, proudly supported by the British Council

The United Kingdom Singapore Students' Council (UKSSC) is proud to present the UKSSC/SingSoc Student Insiders' Session 2021, proudly supported by the British Council! Join us to speak with current SG students in UK universities for their exclusive tips/experiences!

Event Details:

Thur, 6 May 2021

5:00pm-6:30pm (SG Time)

Zoom Webinar (link and admin instructions will send through email)


15 min before start: Registration

35 min: Main Room - Presentation by British Council, UKSSC and SGN

45 min: Breakout Rooms - students freely visit different breakout rooms at the singsoc/organisation level

10 min: Main Room - Final General Q&A and Closing

Full event details on British Council's website:

Registration Link for Participants (prospective students):

Thank you and hope to see you there!

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