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Being the world’s largest beauty company, we wake up every morning because there is excitement in knowing that everyone we work with has a tremendous impact on a larger vision. We empower billions of people to be the canvas for self-expression inspiring confidence and self-belief every day. We feel good when they feel good; it’s contagious!


At L’Oréal, we give our employees a playground and offer them the ability to truly master their paths, make their own ways and set their rules in what matters to them. Unlimited options of career paths within await our employees. Our 86,000 employees globally are empowered in an entrepreneurial and diverse culture, coming together to spark innovation and build a true leading brand powerhouse, offering beauty-tech experiences for all across 4 divisions, 35 international brands and 150 locations.


Here at L’Oréal, it also matters to us to make an impact, and that’s because we acknowledge that our job is more than just a job which goes beyond our day-to-day. It matters to us that we are able to make a positive and conscious impact to build a better future for others and our planet, especially through our commitment via L’Oréal for the Future and L’Oréal for Youth.


L’Oréal aims to reflect the diversity of the markets in which it operates at every level, including Singapore, a multi-racial country. We aim to create a multigenerational and inclusive workforce and we are excited to continue this mission in our newly created SAPMENA (South Asia Pacific – Middle East – North Africa) Regional Office here in sunny Singapore! Our new office in One Raffles Quay will house 5 different entities and bringing together close to 1000 employees of different genders, from different backgrounds, and of at least 29 different nationalities under one roof.


At L’Oréal ONESingapore, there is never a dull day, the beauty lies in the freedom to go beyond with our empowering entrepreneurial culture. We take pride in developing young talents who have the passion and drive to make an impact in the beauty industry. We currently offer a wide range of career opportunities for undergraduates and fresh graduates across the region and Singapore, including our young talent programs such as the Management Trainee Program, Apprenticeship Program and Internship Program. For more information, please visit https://careers.loreal.com/